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Twin Checkered Flags or Spin: IndyCar Grand Prix

It's that time again and I'm not talking about that vain hope of Britain finishing on the left hand side of the board (one day we'll do it again, one … Read More

Twin Checkered Flags or Spin: Phoenix Grand Prix

Well, that was a doozy wasn't it? Time for another round of my three twin checkered flags and spin moments of the race. Twin Checkered Flags 1: … Read More

Twin Checkered Flags or Spin: Grand Prix of Alabama

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The Alonso Factor

When the news first broke it was initially a mix of excitement, shock and disbelief. Fernando 'professional sadness man' Alonso is missing the … Read More

Twin Checkered Flags or Spin: Grand Prix of Long Beach

Once again, having re-watched the race, read the articles and spent a day squealling at the top of my lungs, I've got my five Twin Checkered Flags … Read More

The Booing Game

It's the new tradition in Formula One. Who will it be this time, we ponder as the neutral sponsor hats and microphones are brought out to the … Read More