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A Woman’s Role in Motorsports

Formula 1 is a boys club. It shouldn’t be, but it is. In this day and age a woman in motorsports is still this unusual spectacle that needs to be … Read More
  • By Aleks Lynne
  • 13 min read time
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#31 Singapore: F**K Me Up Silly Season

Subtitle: Alex Rossi is your Mark Webber The girls are back in town to talk about driving under the bright lights, Simon Pagenaud's IndyCar … Read More
  • By Sasky
  • 1 min read time
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On grid girls and actual equality in motorsport

I’m coming off an amazing weekend right now. I spent all of Saturday and part of Friday roasting in the California sunshine, meeting Formula E … Read More

Mega Women Monday I: The Bugatti Queen

I haven't been into cars for a super long time, but in 2008 I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the now-defunct Fairfield County Concours … Read More

I'm supporting Carmen Jorda. You should too.

A fortnight ago, Carmen Jorda was named to the Lotus F1 team as a Development driver, a decision that was met with much derision, bitterness and … Read More
  • By Sasky
  • 8 min read time
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